Dominion Energy is making a concerted effort to convince Congress to grant permission for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to cross the Blue Ridge Parkway, authority for which was withdrawn by the National Park Service (per article above).  This is according to several news reports and conversations that some ABRA members have had with Members of Congress and staff. The company attempted to have an amendment added to the continuing spending resolutions passed in December separately by the House and Senate, but neither bill contained such an amendment.  And, of course, a final bill was not agreed to, leading to the shutdown by the Federal Government.

At this time, there is no Dominion amendment attached to any piece of pending legislation in the Congress.  ABRA member organizations with Washington representation are following the situation closely and have had their own meetings with key Members of Congress and staff.

ABRA will continue to keep abreast of developments on this fluid situation and will advise our member organizations and supporters if any action on their part is warranted.

Dominion Seeks Congressional Action on ACP Crossing Blue Ridge Parkway
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