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After six years and many legal and regulatory delays, Dominion and Duke finally abandon 600-mile money pit.


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ABRA Update

ACP Route Restoration Plan Filed with FERC Leaves Unanswered Questions

A long-awaited restoration plan for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) to address land and forests that were disrupted by the project before it was cancelled in July was filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on January 4.  The filing was in response to a formal request by FERC on October 27.

Deliberations on Proposed Gold Mine in Buckingham County Continue

A proposed gold mining operation in Buckingham County, VA, first reported in the October 8 issue of ABRA Update, will be the subject of continued deliberation next week.  The Buckingham County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission will conduct a joint hearing on Monday,

VA DEQ Denies Water Quality Certification for MVP Under Army Corps Plan

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has denied water quality certification under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit 12 Permit program (NWP12) for any natural gas pipeline “greater than 36 inches inside diameter.”  The judgment was part of a December 21 letter from DEQ to the Army Corps’ Norfolk District Office that was released January 4. 

ABRA End of the Year Report for 2020


Those two words best summarize the 2020 accomplishments of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance.  Our coalition’s 6+ year effort to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was an achievement for which the dozens of member organizations and thousands of volunteers working within the ABRA umbrella can proudly claim credit. 

Talk About Being Out of Touch with the News!

The November 19 “Presidents Update” blog by the President and CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber Commerce, Bryan Stephens, celebrates the “recent common-sense ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States” in permitting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to cross underneath the Appalachian Trail. 

ACP Restoration Plans Still Somewhere on the Drawing Board

The restoration plans for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, requested on October 27 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and due by December 26, are still – as of this writing – somewhere in the works.  Plans for what to do about the unfinished Supply Header Project,

Story Maps

Our member group Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition has produced a series of interactive Story Maps that take a deeper look at some of the reasons the ACP and MVP are unacceptable proposals. Click on the map image below to navigate to the full map content.

Shenandoah Mountain Scenic Area
Proposed Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area and the ACP
Issues Uncovered in the DEIS
Draft EIS for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline : 7 Major Issues with the Route through our National Forests
Drilling the Blue Ridge
Drilling through the Blue Ridge Mountains for the ACP: A High Risk Proposal
NE Nat Gas Capacity
Atlantic Coast Pipeline: A Question of Need
Potential 500-feet Utility Corridor
ACP and Our National Forests
ACP Access Roads: Undisclosed Impacts
Ground Truth about ACP Access Roads
Access Roads and Well Pads in Gasland
Forest Fragmentation and the ACP
Threatened Conservation Easements
Dominion's Pipeline Threatens Protected Private Land
Kate's Mountain Clover
Unique Shale Barrens Threatened by the ACP