Tom Perriello, a Democrat candidate for Governor of Virginia, announced this week his opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  In a video posted on his Facebook page, Perriello said:

“Virginia deserves better than two pipelines we don’t need, with an $8.5 billion price tag, when there is a better way. As governor, I’ll fight to prevent the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines. We should reject these rusty ideas that risk Virginia’s natural heritage and contribute to the threat of climate change. I will demand a better way that creates thousands of good paying clean energy jobs for Virginians. We are a state of innovators. We can’t get stuck in the past.”

A former Member of Congress representing the 5th District of Virginia, Perriello is a resident of Albemarle County.

Gubernatorial Candidate Perriello Announces Opposition to ACP & MVP
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