Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed into law April 6 a new law that would protect ratepayers from being charge for the cost of unneeded infrastructure, such as natural gas pipelines, based upon a determination by the State Corporation Commission. HB 167, whose principal sponsor was Del. Lee Ware (R-Powhatan), passed the Senate and House unanimously.

The Marcellus Drilling News, an outspoken publication serving shale industry interests, was highly critical of the new law:

“What the bill actually does is remove freedom of choice for utility companies, driving up the cost of electricity in the Old Dominion. The bill does the opposite of what it says it will do. All in the name of trying to block Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project. What a sorry state of affairs in a once-great state.”

“The disgusting Northam and a sycophantic legislature have fallen into the trap of opposing ACP because it’s a “fossil fuel” pipeline and because of a bunch of country club-types with big horse farms along the route who don’t want their pastures dug up. Money talks.”

Gov. Northam Signs Utility Consumer Bill, Shale Industry Balks
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