Virginia Natural Resources Secretary Matt Strickler has rebuffed recommendations made to Governor Northam on August 16 by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Environmental Justice (GACEJ) concerning the environmental justice impacts of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).  The GACEJ’s letter essentially recommended a stay in pipeline construction work on the MVP and ACP until certain concerns were addressed.  In a formal response to the Council, Secretary Strickler’s October 16 letter to GACEJ members said that FERC’s decision to approve the projects “preclude us from taking many of the actions that landowners, conservationists, and environmental justice advocates have asked us to take.”  Continuing, Strickler said that the state’s Department of Environmental Quality “is focused on requiring that all federal and state health-based standards will be met on both a short-term and long-term basis.  The Governor and I are watching closely to ensure that standard is met.”

Northam Rebuffs Environmental Justice Commission Recommendations
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