A near overflow crowd of 150 people gathered at the Staunton, VA Holiday Inn on March 3 to hear details about ABRA’s new Pipeline Compliance Initiative (CSI).  The program is designed to support citizen efforts to ensure strict application of environmental laws and regulations in the construction and operation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

CSI will focus first on the approximately 200-mile section of the proposed ACP route extending from Harrison County in West Virginia to Buckingham County in Virginia. The extreme earth disturbance required for construction of the ACP in this area of steep mountain sides, high-quality streams, and karst valleys presents an unacceptable risk to water resources.

The principal objectives of CSI are:

  • To encourage and support citizen efforts to ensure strict application of environmental laws and regulations during pipeline construction across our steep mountains, karst valleys, high-quality surface waters, and vulnerable groundwater supplies.
  • To successfully promote effective regulatory oversight of pipeline construction through collection and submission of evidence-grade information concerning noncompliance with, or failure of, required environmental protection practices.
  • To evaluate, document, and communicate the performance limitations of required or available environmental protection practices during pipeline construction in extreme mountain landscape.

To become involved as a volunteer in the CSI program, complete an online form at:


To assist participating volunteers in the program to report incidents and information regarding the ACP a phone hotline and email address have been established:


Hotline: 1-877-GO2ABRA (1-877-462-2272)

A special communication will be sent to the ABRA mailing list within the week providing further details the CSI program. Additional information is available on the CSI website.

Pipeline CSI Program Is Launched!
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