The past year has been an important year of transition for the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance.  Among our accomplishments have been:

  • Transitioning from an organization dedicated to defeating the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to an alliance with the long-term goal of promoting and protecting the ecological integrity of the Central Appalachian Highlands region of Virginia and West Virginia.
  • Further development of the Conservation Hub. In early 2022 the Hub will be significantly enhanced with the addition of the National Forest Integrity Project (NFIP), an ongoing compilation of relevant projects in the three National Forests – Monongahela, George Washington and Jefferson – that significantly define the region.  The January 13 issue of ABRA Update will include more information on the NFIP.
  • Monitoring and regularly reporting on the progress of the restoration plan for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and conferring regularly with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to assure that the plan the agency finally approves early next year will, to the extent possible, restore the land that has been disturbed by ACP construction is properly restored.
  • Assisting ABRA members and allied organizations in the continuing fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Looking ahead to 2022, ABRA will release in January a new paper: The Fight Against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: A Chronicle.  The document chronicles the significant developments associated with the collective effort to defeat the ACP.  It will include links to regulatory documents, legal challenges, court decisions, news articles and other relevant material. The nearly 200-page paper is intended to be a resource for analysis of the efforts against the ACP.

We appreciate the ongoing support and interest of the many organizations and individuals who comprise the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance.  Financial support for our continuing efforts is vital. Contributions can be made through this link.  Thank you!

2021 has been a consequential year of transition for ABRA
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