With the July 5 cancellation of the Atlantic Coat Pipeline (ACP), ABRA is focusing on several other initiatives, in addition to the new Conservation Hub program.

  • ABRA’s work on the ACP will continue over the next year and beyond to assure that there is a responsible and thorough restoration of the land disturbance that occurred along the route, as well as a satisfactory resolution of outstanding easements on affected private property.
  • ABRA will continue to assist our allies who are fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline, another unneeded pipeline project that is ill-suited to being built through the Appalachian Mountains.
  • The overall mission of ABRA is to protect and promote the ecological integrity of the Central Allegheny Highlands. We will continue to be vigilant for and become engaged when necessary in countering public policies or private development proposals that could negatively impact the ecology of this unique area of the Central Allegheny Highlands. This unique mountain region cannot be taken for granted.
ABRA Pursues Additional New Initiatives
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