Dominion Energy Transportation, Inc. (DETI) filed a request on July 10 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for an extension of one year to complete abandonment and restoration of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project.  The request follows the joint announcement on July 5 by Dominion Energy and Duke Energy, co-owners of the AC, that they would not proceed with completing the project due to uncertainties and delays.

In the same letter, DETI reaffirmed an earlier request to FERC for a two-year extension of time to construct and place into service portions of the Supply Header Project (SHP). The SHP is a proposed natural gas pipeline in West Virginia (33.6 miles) and Pennsylvania (3.9 miles) that would have connected existing natural gas pipelines in Ohio and Pennsylvania with the ACP.  The request does not make clear why the SHP, 31% of which is complete, needs to be completed since the ACP to which it would have connected will not be built.

Dominion Asks for Time Extension to Abandon ACP, Finish Supply Header
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