A petition filed this week with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) requests that the agency revoke the 401-certification granted to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  In its August 13 letter to NCDEQ, Friends of the Earth and the NC Climate Solutions Network state:

Facts we have discovered since January of 2018 show significant adverse impact to the largest community of American Indians east of the Mississippi River from the construction and operation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and projects dependent upon it.  Correct information not considered by DEQ shows that the impacts analyzed in the 401 and the FERC EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) were a mere fraction of the impacts directly related to the project.  We ask you to revoke the 401 Certification since it was based on incorrect information and conditions have changed since the certification was issued.

Environment Groups Ask North Carolina to Revoke ACP’s 401 Certificate
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