A new report released by Oil Change International makes the case that gas is not a “bridge fuel” to a safe climate. Aside from the often-discussed issue of leaking methane throughout the gas supply chain, the report identifies five additional reasons why gas cannot be the “bridge to a clean energy future” as it is touted by proponents.

Briefly, these points are:

  • Gas Breaks the Carbon Budget
  • Coal-to-Gas Switching Doesn’t Cut It
  • Low-Cost Renewables Can Displace Coal and Gas
  • Gas Is Not Essential for Grid Reliability
  • New Gas Infrastructure Locks In Emissions

The report shows that myth of gas as a “bridge” to a stable climate does not stand up to scrutiny. Link to the Oil Change International press release and report here. Also, see the Vox story in the Big Picture section.

Oil Change International Report Further Debunks the Myth of Gas as a Bridge Fuel
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