The Sierra Club has petitioned the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) asking that the agency examine the appropriateness of the internal agreement by Dominion Virginia Power to purchase gas from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

The May 8 petition is based on requirements of the Virginia’s Affiliates Act, which was established to ensure that all business deals between utilities and their corporate affiliates are in the public’s interest. Should a utility seek to conduct business with any subsidiary or corporate affiliate, it must first file an application with the SCC. The Commission must then review the transaction to ensure that it will benefit Virginians. Commission proceedings under the Affiliates Act are open to participation by affected parties. In the case of the ACP deal, every organization involved is fully or partially owned by Dominion Resources or one of its subsidiaries. Therefore, the Affiliates Act requires the Commission to review and approve the arrangement before it can take effect.

Kate Addelson, Director of Sierra’s Virginia chapter, said: “This agreement should not move forward until Virginians are given the opportunity to have their voices heard. Energy deals like this can only be approved if they will benefit Virginians, but the only thing Dominion has proved thus far is that it’s trying to shut the public and its own ratepayers out.”

Sierra Club Petitions Virginia SCC Over ACP
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