“The lack of pipeline infrastructure in the northeast has resulted in some of the highest electricity rates in the nation for families and business—and it will only get worse,” according to a new report  released this week by the U.S. Chamber.  The report claims that in the absence of new natural gas transmission infrastructure serving New England, there would be:

• The loss of nearly 78,400 jobs by 2020
• The displacement of more than $4.4 billion in labor income
• The destruction of nearly $7.6 billion in GDP

The Chamber study also included an impact analysis on two states that reside outside the Northeast, but which would also stand to be adversely impacted in economic terms if prohibitions were placed on pipeline development in the Northeast.

• Ohio: 2,100 jobs lost & $295 million in lost state GDP
• West Virginia: 2,500 jobs lost & $159 million in lost state GDP

U.S. Chamber Blames High Electricity Rates on Pipeline Shortages
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