The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has granted a request from the Mountain Valley Pipeline to change its crossing method for some 180 bodies of water and wetlands.  FERC’s April 8 Order allows the project to bore under the bodies of water and wetlands instead of the open-cut method that the project’s original certificate approved.

FERC Chairman Richard Glick and Commissioner Allison Clements issued a joint statement about the vote, saying:

“We concur in today’s order.  The only question before us today is whether to approve Mountain Valley’s limited request to amend its certificate, primarily to change its method of crossing numerous waterbodies.  We agree that Mountain Valley has met its burden to show that the proposed amendments are consistent with the public interest.


“Mountain Valley’s usage of trenchless waterbody crossings will result in fewer environmental impacts than the crossing method that the Commission approved under the original certificate, meaning that today’s order amending Mountain Valley’s certificate will almost certainly represent an improvement over the status quo.”


“. . . if FWS (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) finds that the amendment would in fact jeopardize a listed species or a critical habitat, then no further construction would be appropriate and Mountain Valley likely would need to come back with another amendment.”

FERC approves change in stream crossings for MVP
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