ABRA will publish this month a paper that chronicles the effort to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) from being constructed.

The Fight Against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: A Chronicle describes in detail significant developments associated with the opposition effort against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, from when the project was first proposed by Dominion Energy in early 2014 until its cancellation on July 5, 2020.  The 170-page paper is not an analysis of the opposition effort against the ACP, but rather a documentation of significant developments during the fight against the project. It is intended to be a resource for analysis.

The more than 400 individual entries in the paper include links to regulatory documents, legal challenges, court decisions, news articles and other material deemed relevant to the effort to oppose the project.

A link to paper will be sent to the ABRA Update mailing list early next week.

ABRA to publish a chronicle of the 6-year fight against the ACP
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