Since the April 16 deadline for filing public comments with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the proposed route restoration for the cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the related Supply Header Project (SHP), ABRA has been in touch with officials at the agency to learn what the next steps are in the review of the proposed plan (click here the April 20 ABRA Update review of some of the comments filed).

The March 2 scoping Notice by FERC inviting comments on the proposed ACP restoration plan represents a re-initiation of the review process required by the National Environmental Protection Act.  FERC has told ABRA that the agency’s “announcement of the exact form that will take (for example, an environmental assessment or supplemental environmental impact statement) will be announced via another issued Notice in the near future. The process moving forward and the resulting environmental document will include FERC staff’s review and conclusions (and recommendations) concerning the ACP/SHP plans, and will take into consideration the comments received during the scoping period.” The agency further told ABRA that it can’t provide an “exact timeline right now, but our process should clear up a bit once we issue our next Notice.”

ACP restoration: what happens next and by when?
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