Those two words best summarize the 2020 accomplishments of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance.  Our coalition’s 6+ year effort to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was an achievement for which the dozens of member organizations and thousands of volunteers working within the ABRA umbrella can proudly claim credit.  The ABRA Board and staff generously thank all of you for your astounding efforts.

However, ABRA’s work is not done. As set forth in the October 23 issue of ABRA Update, the coalition will continue to exist to promote and protect the environmental integrity of the Central Appalachian Highlands.  In that spirt, we are pursuing the following initiatives:

  1. Develop and implement the Conservation Hub, a program designed to enhance the capabilities of environmental, conservation and citizen groups to better assess the impacts of projects in the greater Central Appalachian Highlands region, facilitate public participation and to help assure that the overall environmental integrity of the region is maintained. For more on the Conservation Hub, click here.
  1. Work to assure that there is a responsible and thorough restoration of the land disturbance that occurred along the ACP route and a satisfactory resolution of outstanding easements on private property.
  1. Assist allies who are fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline, another unneeded pipeline project that is ill-suited to being built through the Appalachian Mountains.
  1. The overall mission of ABRA is to protect and promote the environmental integrity of the Central Appalachian Highlands. We will continue to be vigilant for and become engaged when necessaryin countering public policies or private development proposals that could negatively impact the ecology of this unique area of the Central Allegheny Highlands.

ABRA’s Board of Directors will review early in 2021 our current initiatives and make plans for the coalition’s future.  A survey of a cross-section of ABRA members (organizations and individuals within those organizations) will be conducted in early January to elicit views on which programs, activities and services provided by ABRA they consider to be the most important.  All of those on the ABRA mailing list are invited also to provide input for this planning process.  Please forward your views to by January 5.

Finally, as ABRA begins a new year, funding to assure the successful pursuit of the aforementioned initiatives has become decidedly more challenging.  In addition to the financial support we have received from several foundations, contributions from ABRA organizations and involved individuals have been a vital for our past successes.  More than ever, we need renewed support and urge all of you who value the work that ABRA has been and will be doing to make an end-of-the-year donation.  To do so, click here.  We thank you in advance.



The next issue of ABRA Update will be January 7, 2020

ABRA End of the Year Report for 2020
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