This is the second in a series of profiles of member groups of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance.

Highlanders for Responsible Development

Highlanders for Responsible Development (HRD) is a citizens’ group that promotes stewardship of the unspoiled landscape, natural resources and exceptional quality of life of the Allegheny Highlands. It supports policies and activities that are based upon informed community discourse, democratic decision making, prudent land use and sustainable economic development.  Organized in 2005 as a Highland County, Virginia group, HRD has recently expanded its Board to include representatives from surrounding communities in adjacent Bath and Augusta Counties in Virginia and Pendleton and Pocahontas Counties in West Virginia.

HRD was one of the founding members of ABRA and is a plaintiff in several of the legal challenges brought against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).  In addition to its work on ACP issues, HRD supports responsible land planning, economic development that supports responsible use of natural resources, and low impact tourism that takes advantages of the county’s natural attributes. HRD’s mission is to work in the community as a volunteer force to help provide information to community leaders in the advancement of these objectives.

Several persons active in ABRA’s leadership are HRD Board members, including Allen Jonson (ABRA’s Board Chair and Chair of the Eight Rivers Council), Rick Webb (Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition), Mary Hodges (Voices from Bath), Dick Brooks (Cowpasture River Preservation association), Larry Thomas (Chair of West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and ABRA Board Treasurer), Bill Limpert (Bath County resident) and Lew Freeman (ABRA Executive Director), who serves as HRD Chair.

For more information on HRD, visit its website:

Who is ABRA? Highlanders for Responsible Development
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