The Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance began its fifth year of existence earlier this month. Formed out of a July 2014 meeting of organizations and individuals in Virginia concerned about the then-proposed Southeast Reliability Project (predecessor proposal to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline), ABRA has grown to a coalition of more than 50 organizations and hundreds of involved and committed individuals in Virginia and West Virginia.  We now have our own Board of Directors, chaired by Alan Johnson of Eight-Rivers Council in Pocahontas County, WV (see link for a list of Board members) and earlier this month we received our own 501 (c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.

In pursuit of ABRA’s mission to “protect the heritage, resources and economy of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge region,” we provide a vital organizational infrastructure to facilitate the fight against unwarranted projects like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that threaten the integrity of the Allegheny and Blue Ridge region.

We extend big thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of persons whose work and support, individually and as part of organizations, have contributed to our efforts.

– Lew Freeman, Executive Director and Dan Shaffer, CSI Geospatial Consultant

ABRA Begins Its Fifth Year
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