ABRA’s Pipeline Compliance Surveillance Initiative (CSI) is well underway, with volunteers signing up to participate in the massive citizen monitoring effort that will be necessary to assure that construction activity associated with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is fully in compliance with conditions of the authorizing permits and in not in violation of state or federal environmental laws and regulations.  There are many ways that volunteers can participate in this important work, as detailed on the CSI website.  You can sign-up here.

One category of CSI volunteering – stream monitoring – is demonstrated in the photos below of Reese Bull, a participant in the Trout Unlimited stream monitoring program, measuring stream quality in White Oak Draft in western Augusta County, VA. The instrument he is using is a Traceer Pocketester that measures temperature and electrical conductivity.  Trout Unlimited is a cooperating partner with ABRA’s CSI program.

CSI Pipeline Monitors Needed, Sign Up Now!
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