Public access to roads in the George Washington National Forest (GWNF) during construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is still an unresolved issue.  At this writing, the U.S. Forest Service has not yet issued a notice regarding what roads might be closed to the public in the GWNF while the ACP is being built.  Conversations ABRA recently has had with the GWNF indicate it is unclear when decisions on road closures will be made. In contrast, the Supervisor of the Monongahela National Forest signed on March 7 a 120-day closure notice for certain roads in that Forest associated with ACP activity.  And, a notice associated with the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline through the Jefferson National Forest. which is under the authority of the same forest supervisors as the GWNF, was signed on March 30. It calls for a two-year closure of specified roads.

Road Closures for ACP in GW National Forest Still Undecided
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