Dominion ranks next to last in energy efficiency in a new study of the 51 largest U.S. electric utilities.   The study, released June 13 by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), is the first in-depth study of its kind.  In previous, less comprehensive studies, Dominion has also ranked quite low among the nation’s utility companies.

Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard assesses the utilities across a range of 18 energy efficiency metrics in three categories critical to utility-sector efficiency: (1) quantitative savings and spending performance, (2) program diversity and emerging areas, and (3) targets, business models, and evaluation.  The metrics used span a wide range of vital utility-sector efficiency programs and performance, each with a point value relative to its importance to utility-sector energy efficiency.  Below is a list of the top and bottom ten companies and their scorecard rankings.

Top and bottom 10 utilities and percentage of available points earned

ACEEE is a nonprofit research organization that specializes in developing energy efficiency resources for public policy. The report received no utility funding. It specifically looks at state jurisdictional utilities rather than parent or holding companies. All 51 utilities were provided the opportunity to review the report before its publication.

New Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard Out: Dominion at the Bottom
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