Aaron Ruby, principal spokesperson on ACP matters for Dominion, was interviewed recently by Allegheny Mountain Radio (serving Pocahontas, Bath and Highland Counties) about the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  Here are excerpts from the complete interview:

  • The conclusions of the report were very favorable – essentially, what the agency concluded is that all of the environmental measures, and the safety protections that we have put in place for the project would significantly reduce the impacts, and that the project will be built in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • I know that we’ve heard concerns from some folks in different communities about the impact that pipeline construction and operation would have on tourism. FERC looked at this very carefully, and they determined. . . that tourist economies are perfectly compatible with natural gas pipeline development. They also looked at concerns that have been raised about impacts on residential property values, or residential development. And what FERC concluded. . . that there is nothing about natural gas pipeline development that diminishes the residential property values or prevents developers from building residential properties.
  • . . looked very carefully at our karst mitigation plan, and they determined that our plans were adequate, and that they would significantly minimize risks to karst topography and to underground water aquifers, especially in the areas of western Virginia

We’ve got a deeply personal stake in making sure that we do this the right way, that we do it in an environmentally responsible way, we do it safely, so that we preserve the natural beauty and the landscapes of the region for the enjoyment of future generations.

Dominion’s Aaron Ruby’s Interviewed by Allegheny Mountain Radio
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