The Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) is scheduled to consider on February 9 the application by Dominion Transmission, Inc. to receive approval for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to cross 11 conservation easements in Highland, Bath, Augusta and Nelson Counties held by the VOF.  State law provides for exceptions to conservation easements, but only if certain criteria are met.  ABRA does not believe the Dominion proposal satisfies the requirements of the law.  Additional information is available here and see Recorder article below.


Please write the VOF before February 9 and urge the organization to:


  • support the clean water, wildlife habitat, working farmland, rural character, and scenic views protected by the conservation easements,
  • preserve the essential trust that exists between landowners and VOF, critical to the future of land conservation in Virginia, and
  • deny Dominion’s unprecedented and irresponsible request to permanently impair conservation values on 10 conserved properties.


Send your letters or emails to:


Brett Christina Glymph, Executive Director,

39 Garrett St., Suite 200

Warrenton, VA 20186

(540) 347-7727


It’s Not Too Late to Voice Your Concerns to VOF
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