The Allegheny Blue-Ridge Alliance (ABRA) is a coalition of conservation organizations dedicated to promoting and protecting the environmental integrity of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge region, which encompasses the Central Appalachian Highlands area of Virginia and West Virginia.  The principal purposes of ABRA are

  • To advance public knowledge and understanding of the cultural; biological, environmental diversity, uniqueness, and sensitivity of the major ridgelines that comprise the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Region;
  • To preserve and protect areas of particular scenic, geologic, biologic, historic, wilderness, and/or recreational importance in the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Region;
  • To aid in the establishment of responsible policies to protect scientific, educational or aesthetic values;
  • To conduct regional and resource studies as a basis for the wise use of the various resources of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Region; to develop programs in energy conservation and wise production; and to serve local communities, the region, the people of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Region as an agency for popular enlightenment, for cultural improvement, and for scientific advancement;
  • To advocate policies and programs for the conservation and wise management of energy and natural resources of the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Region.

ABRA Members

How we operate

ABRA is governed by a Board of Directors. A Steering Committee is responsible for interpreting policy and developing implementation plans. Staff implements policy and program with the assistance of volunteers.

How we are supported

ABRA’s activities are supported by grants from philanthropic foundations, donations from ABRA member organizations and contributions from individuals. ABRA is a 501 (c)(3), tax-exempt organization. Contributions from individuals are welcome. Checks should be made out to “Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance” and mailed to:

Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance
P.O. Box 96
Monterey, VA