The Allegheny Blue-Ridge Alliance (ABRA) is a coalition of 51 organizations, founded in September 2014, that opposes the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), a project of Dominion Energy and its partner companies. The ACP would disrupt some of the most ecologically sensitive areas in the Eastern United States, including portions of the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests. The proposed route would traverse steep mountain slopes and fragile karst topography, presenting a potential hazard to regional water supplies. Further, it would bring unjustified risks and costs to many rural communities in its path, negatively affecting property rights and values, without benefits to those affected.

What ABRA does

  • Produces and distributes to members a weekly e-newsletter on the latest developments on the ACP and other relevant pipeline news, plus special alerts.
  • Maintains a website as a resource for key documents, studies, regulatory actions and other pipeline issue developments.
  • Communicates with key public officials, the media and the general public on pipeline issues, including press releases, letters to the editor and speeches that explain the concerns about the ACP, particularly as it affects the Allegheny-Blue Ridge region.
  • Assists member organizations in creating programs and grass roots strategies, by developing materials, conducting workshops and seminars and through individual consultations.
  • Coordinates strategies among members to maximize collective effectiveness.
  • Conducts and publicizes studies to provide substantiation for arguments about the
    ACP, included economic need and impacts, effects on water and steep mountain terrains, ecological impacts, pipeline safety and government actions on the ACP.

ABRA Members

How we operate

ABRA is governed by a 16-member Steering Committee comprised of representatives of member organizations. Policy positions are subject to membership approval. The Steering Committee is responsible for interpreting policy and developing implementation plans. Staff (Chair/Executive Director and a Communications Coordinator) carry out implementation.

How we are supported

ABRA’s activities are supported by grants from philanthropic foundations, donations from ABRA member organizations and contributions from individuals. ABRA’s fiscal agent is Highlanders for Responsible Development, a 501 (c)(3), tax-exempt organization. Contributions from individuals are welcome. Checks should be made out to “Highlanders for Responsible Development – ABRA” and mailed to:

Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance
P.O. Box 685
Monterey, VA

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