Lewis Freeman, Executive Director – Lew is a co-founder and former Chair of ABRA. He is also Treasurer and former President of Highlanders for Responsible Development, an ABRA member. Lew previously has been deputy assistant to the Governor of Ohio, a lobbyist in Washington and an executive with several trade associations, including the National Association of Manufacturers, American Petroleum Institute and the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI). While at SPI, he led the creation of the resin identification code that is used throughout the world to identify types of plastics to facilitate their recycling and he spearheaded the adoption of labeling on 5-gallon plastic containers to warn against the danger of infant drownings. He is featured in the 2020 PBS Frontline show “Plastics Wars.” Lew has also been president of an opera company and is a professional actor and singer. He holds degrees from Ohio State University (B.A., History) and George Mason University (Masters, Public Policy). He resides in Highland County, Virginia.

Daniel Shaffer, Geospatial Consultant– Dan has spent over two decades providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to the construction, engineering, infrastructure and energy industries. He has provided support on projects ranging from residential storm water systems to major port development projects, E911 systems and marine planning for offshore wind farms. He received his B.A. in Geography from Virginia Tech and is a LEED-accredited professional. Dan is the principal architect and custodian of ABRA’s Conservation Hub program and ABRA’s earlier Compliance Surveillance Initiative (CSI) mapping system, which focused on the now-cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Additional duties for ABRA involve assisting with the production of ABRA Update and maintaining the coalition website and mailing list.